Data Center

Data Center

Data centers are at the center of everything a business does, and modern applications are becoming more and more demanding than ever before. Furthermore, IT operations are struggling to meet demand, manage costs and maximize uptime in the face of thress key challenges:

• Reducing escalating energy costs resulting from ever increasing IT load as new applications are brought on line.
• Managing space and capacity in a world of big data
• Planning for the future in an environment of constant and rapid change 

Ultra Technology has a forward looking philosophy that focuses to development of planned data centers with emphasis on scalability, environment friendliness, security, availability and adherence to standards. We specialize in optimum utilization of modern technology to reduce the management costs and provide effective and optimum solutions.
We can offer turnkey Data Center solutions for the following key elements:
• Power and Lighting
• Physical Security
• Cooling and Environmental
• Network Infrastructure:
                  -End devices: servers, storage systems and Domain Name Systems
                  -Intermediary network devices: switches, routers, firewalls, IP telephony and wireless access points
                  -Structured cabling: copper & fiber-optic cabling, wireless infrastructure, PON, CCTV system cabling, central patch panels and PBX telephone systems 
• Fire Suppression
• Support

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