Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

We understand your business needs and formalize a strategy to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and at the same time provide you with cost-effective solutions to bridge the gap between your strategic needs and your infrastructure. We ensure that best services are delivered with quickest turn-around time. Ultra Technology is committed to providing superior reliability, leading-edge technology, cost-savings and exceptional quality of service. We focus our technical and operational expertise to helping you optimize your operations from start to finish. Ultra Technology has made choosing the right service, a simple process no matter what stage in your business lifecycle you are.

Ultra Technology Consulting service helps organization in: 

  •   Increasing productivity
  •   Running business more effectively
  •   Solving problems before they occur
  •   Providing technical and business advice

We believe in knowledge sharing and offering advice for designing wide variety of solutions ranging from:

  • Cabling and Networking,
  • LAN and WAN,
  • CCTV and surveillance security,
  • Telecom Infrastructure,
  • Analog PABX,
  • Internet Security and VPN connectivity,
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery,
  • Access Control,
  • Complete windows server based setups and desktops with required accessories and multifunction hardware solutions
  • Data Center
  • Power Solutions

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