Fiber to the Cabinet

   With FTTC, optical fiber usually terminates within 300m of the customer premises at the street cabinets. From that point, copper cables send the signals to the homes. For this blend of optical-fiber cables and traditional copper wires, bandwidth can be lost, however users can enjoy internet speeds of at least 50 Mb/s.     

   Fiber broadband FTTC offers users the following benefits:
     - Use high quality and reliable broadband connection
     - Enjoy faster internet speeds of at least 50 Mb/s up till 400 Mb/s.
     - Affordable setup costs, low monthly rental costs and no maintenance costs
     - Obtain higher quality VoIP services
     - Stream HD video content without pauses
     - Perform meetings with better quality video-conferencing
     - Use multiple services around the home from a single connection
     - Benefit from better response time for business applications

   For the deployment of FTTC infrastructure, our technical team provides proficiency for the following:
     - Low level survey
     - Duct testing and blockage clearing
     - Digging new ducting where necessary
     - Connecting primary fiber-optic cabling between Telecom Operator/Network Supplier and cabinets
     - Supply and installation of active street cabinets and migration
     - Inspection and maintenance of existing copper cables as non-maintained copper cables will reduce data flow speed.
     - End-to-end testing
     - Documentation

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